The 1st MBTI NFT collection!

Mint Ansxer NFT

INTJ has 0 of 1000 minted

Ansxer Goal & Mission

Ansxer is the 1st Attitude & NFT dating app,
we match with attitude, not appearance!!
expanding "love at first attitude" over
"love at first sight" to the world is our mission!
so if you desire to join our mission expanding
Ansxerer from 100k to 100m, here we go!!

Why NFT Dating?

bayc nft

1. New Social Status

From now on, you no longer need to own a luxury car to be part of the happy few. Owning a unique crypto-art by NFT is enough!

coachella nft

2. Lifestyle & Interests

All Coachella attendees can claim Bloom seed NFT for free! So you can find people with the same interests and lifestyle in Ansxer app in the future!!

Why Ansxer NFT?

When you hodl our NFTs you will get
- More chances to get quiz answers!!*
- Block same level to view your photos!
- Get 1 more daily ticket.
- Display Ansxer NFT in app.
- Filter who hodl Ansxer NFT in app.
- List Ansxer NFTs for rent in app!!
*Everyone that answer a quiz of the one who hold Ansxer NFT will get 2 more daily swipe per person!! (up to 20 daily swipe limit)

Staking for Rent

Ansxer NFTs that have been staked can be enabled for renting by the owner in Ansxer app which renters can pay rent via credit card in app directly.

Owners can access Ansxer NFT privilege by signing a message or staking Ansxer NFT but they will lose access after listed Ansxer NFTs for rent.

Renters cannot claim coins or list Ansxer NFTs for rent.

Platform Fee

You will be charged 30% when someone rents your NFTs. The owner who choose to unstake NFTs, while someone has been rented, will not get the rental fee of that month even he/she decide to stake back before the rental term ends, but the new owner (address) who stakes back in time will receive it. (for the remaining days)

In case no new owner stakes NFTs back in time, Ansxer will receive the rental fee of that month instead.


You can withdraw your credits anytime after your monthly rental term ends. Ansxer will transfer your credits as USDC to the address you stake your NFT on Optimism chain (a layer 2 network of Ethereum mainnet) on every Friday afternoon in case you withdraw before Sunday 11:59 PM of the week. (GMT+00:00)

The gas fee depends on the price of Ethereum, but it's usually less than $1 per transaction.

Current displaylist NFTs

1. Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)
2. Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC)
3. CLONE X (CloneX)
4. Azuki (AZUKI)
5. Doodles (DOODLE)
6. Cool Cats NFT (COOL)
7. World of Women (WOW)
8. MetaWarden (MWAD)
9. Apetimism (APETIMISM)